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Water Heaters and Boilers

Have you ever wanted to spit out water from the tap? Have you ever cursed your shower for blasting you with cold water first thing in the morning? If either or both of these questions caused you to nod, then you must have some idea why it's imperative that you maintain your home's water systems.

We at Plumber San Jose can assist you in this endeavor, as each member of our team is fully capable of inspecting, repairing, replacing, and maintaining your water filtration and water heating systems. If you want to learn more about these water systems and how best to maintain them, we can also offer you that information.

Filters in Drinking Water Systems

Your home receives clean and cooled water from the main through your water supply lines. Once it enters your home, this water is dispersed to your fixtures and appliances, so it can be used for washing, flushing (toilet water), cleaning, and under certain conditions, drinking.

These conditions include the installation of appliances like American Plumber water filters and water softeners in your water supply line. With these, contaminants and deposits will find it difficult, if not impossible, to seep into your drinking water. Any additional filters you have installed (preferably under your sinks) will increase your water's potability.

If you want these appliances to be installed without any muss or fuss, we, the experts of Plumber San Jose, can promise fast and orderly installation.

Water Heating Process and Guidelines

Fresh water is also delivered to your water heater or boiler, where it will be heated to serve other purposes, like bathing.

No matter what your heater runs on (gas or electricity), it should be able to hold around 40 to 60 gallons of water. Use your heater's thermostat to heat the water to your ideal temperature, and its drain valve to drain sediments from its water tank every few months. One or more of your heater's pipes brings hot water to your fixtures and appliances.

Keep your heater in good shape by maintaining a temperature of 49 to 60 degrees Celsius, or 120 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Also drain its water tank periodically to prevent sediment build up that may cause your heater to malfunction. While these guidelines will help maintain your heater, they may not save it from characteristic problems like pipe and tank leaks, banging noises, and an accumulation of water deposits.

No matter what problems your heater or boiler have, though, they are nothing that Plumber San Jose can't solve. Contact us when you first notice these problems, and we'll waste no time in providing you with effective, long-term solutions. We'll also inform you of ways to keep heater or boiler troubles at bay.

Your water systems are in good hands with Plumber San Jose. We handle everything from water filtration to water heating, including water pipe plumbing, water line plumbing, water tank plumbing, drainage, and more.