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Toilet Installation & Toilets Repair

The toilet is such a frequently used necessity that many households can't make do with just one. That same reasoning is why toilet problems can't be put off or ignored. We at Plumber San Jose can assure you that you won't have to, if you avail of our comprehensive plumbing services. We handle toilet installation, toilet repair, and toilet maintenance, and offer essential information about toilets to help you prevent and manage their problems.

Learn How Your Toilet Works

It's much easier to cope with toilet problems in their earliest stages than it is to deal with those that have already developed. As such, you must know how your toilet works, so you can spot trouble as soon as it arises. That, we can teach you:

Your toilet's handle is connected to a chain inside the toilet tank, which is connected to the tank's flush valve. Pushing down the handle will cause the chain to lift the flush valve, and uncover the tank's drain. Two gallons of water will then flush down the hole and into the bowl. The surge will set off the bowl's siphon, which will suck the flushed water down the drainpipe.

When the tank's water level dips, its filler float will follow suit. This will make the refill valve fill up the tank and bowl. When the float rises with the tank's water level, the refill valve will stop. If it continues, the tank's overflow tube will stabilize the water level.

If one or more of these parts aren't working right, get us on the line. We will have everything back in perfect working order soon after you call. Trust that we can handle leaking toilets, clogged toilets, overflowing toilets, and all other toilet problems and their manifestations.

How to Install a Toilet

Is it about time for you to replace your commode? We have no qualms about teaching you how to install a toilet. Listed below are some steps we suggest you take in the replacement and installation process:

You can contact us to benefit from more detailed instructions. Of course, you can also benefit from topnotch installation services if you have us do the project for you. Our affordable services will save you loads of time and trouble, and assure you of a much lower chance of error.

Toilet bowl and toilet tank repair are also part of our extensive plumbing services. We can even help you find all the toilet repair parts and toilet supplies you need. So please, contact us. With Plumber San Jose on your side, toilet and plumbing problems will never be able to drain you.