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Piping & Fittings - Pipe Work

Without piping and fittings, your plumbing system wouldn't amount to anything. Because of your pipes, clean water can be carried into and dispersed throughout your home, and wastewater can be properly led outside of it. And because of your piping fittings, your pipes can join, turn, diverge, and alter their size to accommodate the specific requirements of your building.

Your pipes and fittings play such pivotal roles, that the problems that they suffer are sure to bear upon your plumbing system. With Plumber San Jose's help, however, these problems are no cause for concern. Our standout team can repair, replace, and install residential pipe lines to prevent and eliminate plumbing problems of all kinds. We also offer tips and information that are bound to help you deal with modest problems yourself.

Basic Pipe and Fitting Information

Copper or plastic, with diameters of 3 mm, 2 cm, or 2.5 cm: these are the features that describe most water supply lines. Copper lines are better built to resist damage and mineral accumulation, while plastic lines are more affordable and less of a hassle with regard to installation and rust prevention. Iron or plastic pipes with 4 to 10 cm diameters are commonly used in sewer lines, the latter more often than the former.

Brass and plastic pipe fittings are both fairly common as well, but neither can be attached to every type of pipe. The material of a fitting should always agree with the material of the pipe it will be attached to. If it doesn't, the two may not seal properly, and worse, they may cause unsafe chemical reactions.

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Common Problems with Piping and Fittings

Below are some pipe and fitting related problems that warrant mentioning, not because of their severity, but because of their frequency. These are some of the problems your water lines are most likely to suffer:

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