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Gas Lines Installation and Repair

Not all plumbing projects are water related. Plumbing work also involves gas related projects, such as gas line installation. Gas has several practical household applications including heating, cooking, bathing (with a gas water heater), and the like, which is the reason why running gas lines into and throughout the home is considered by many to be a worthwhile endeavor.

However, it's also a risky and complicated task that should only be taken on by licensed plumbers, like those of Plumber San Jose. After all, knowing how to install a gas line properly isn't the only prerequisite for success. Quality equipment and exceptional skill are also essential in preparing a residential gas line layout, and bringing those plans to fruition. We can offer both in addition to our extensive experience, thus ensuring you safe and easy access to domestic gas, even if you've just built, remodeled, or moved into your home.

Domestic Gas & Gas Line Installation

Domestic gas can be taken from two places: belowground utility lines (natural gas) or storage tanks (propane), which are either visible or buried. Through yellow plastic tubes, we can take this gas from the curb and into your house. The gas lines we will install will be set up in much the same way as your drainpipes, since they serve similar roles: transporting gas/water. Natural gas will be carried by black iron or steel pipes, while propane will be dispensed via copper lines.

You're welcome to press us for further information on gas pipes and fuel line plumbing. A greater understanding of gas and gas lines should allow you to see gas related problems faster than before, leading us to resolve them sooner. In addition to giving out that information, we'll be more than happy to present you with plumbing tips that will make it easy to keep your gas and water lines in excellent condition.

Emergency Procedure for Gas Leaks

Smell gas? Chances are, you have a gas leak somewhere in your home. Close the main gas shutoff valve immediately, and contact us. We'll be there as soon as we can to work out the crisis. While waiting, put out all flames and don't even think about switching electrical appliances on or off. If the gas leak is particularly grave, one spark could trigger an explosion.

Contact us for supplementary safety tips or quality services. We guarantee that availing of our gas line installation, repair, or maintenance services will allow you to avoid dangerous gas leaks and other risky complications. Safety is put on a pedestal here at Plumber San Jose.