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Drain, Piping & Sewer

Your home plumbing system has two subsystems: one which allows fresh water to flow into your abode, and another which allows wastewater to flow out of it. Subsystem # 2 is called the DWV (drain, waste, vent) system, after its major parts.

All of us at Plumber San Jose have taken it upon ourselves to teach you about this system, and to mend its problems.

How Drainage Systems Work

When the three components of the DWV system work harmoniously, efficient waste disposal is the end result. Drain lines take in water from fixtures, waste lines move toilet waste, and vent pipes that stretch all the way up to the roof allow sewer gas to evaporate, drainpipes to relieve pressure, and wastewater to flow without restriction. Both drain lines and waste lines slope down to the main sewer line, where their waste will flow into.

If you want to ask something or confirm anything regarding your drainage system, contact us. We won't just give you answers, we'll help you identify problems with your drains, so you can inform us about them quickly, and we can solve them immediately.

Keeping Traps Effective

Traps, the curves in the drainpipes of your fixtures, use water to seal your pipes, keeping sewer smells and gases from wafting into your house. Your traps will remain effective as long as they don't have any leaks or cracks, so have us repair and maintain them whenever necessary.

Solving Clogged Drains, Root Intrusion

In order to prevent drain clogs, drainpipes – which are commonly made of iron, plastic, or copper – are given wider diameters than water pipes. Toilet drains (10 cm diameters), shower drains (5 cm), bathtub drains (4-5 cm), bathroom sink drains (4-5 cm), and kitchen sink drains (4-5 cm) all follow this rule.

Despite the extra centimeters, though, clogged drains are not scarce. The only consolation is that there are several ways to clear them. One of which is to access them through their clean-out valves and getting rid of the blockage. Augers, plumber's snakes, plungers, and sewer tapes can make the job less of an effort, as can our drain cleaning tips and services.

Though you can clear some clogs yourself, if you want to rid yourself of incredibly tough clogs, there's little doubt that you will need our help. Clogs brought about by tree or bush root intrusion, for example, may actually demand complete pipe replacement (or even upgrades to PVC pipes), a job best left to professionals like us.

No matter how bad your problem is, though, you can bet that we will be able to provide you with a paragon solution. Our drain cleaning equipment and expertise can clear any type of clog, regardless of its severity. And should you be interested, regular drainpipe maintenance is covered by our first-rate drain services as well.

Contact us if you're after exemplary plumbing and drainage services and/or quality plumbing tips. You can't go wrong with Plumber San Jose.